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Rev. Christopher Nesbitt

"Rev. Nesbitt is very helpful! Everything we wanted and
dreamed about."


Weddings are often one of the most memorable, enjoyable and emotional experiences in life. It can also be complex and stressful. Our goal is to help create the perfect wedding ceremony that reflects the Bride and Groom’s hopes and dreams for a long-lasting marriage. The ceremony is professionally conducted to enjoy and have as a happy source of memories for a lifetime.

At A Five Star Ceremony, we specialize in making the ceremony special, smooth and stress-free whether you have a formal, casual, indoor or outdoor setting. Wedding ceremonies vary from intimate to elaborate. We are excellent at understanding the needs of the bride and groom to best help them.

Contact us for the professional help we provide. We’d like to help you with your special customized ceremony!

Reverend Christopher Nesbitt is the owner and lead  wedding minister since 1996.  His specialty is listening to and learning about the wishes that brides and grooms have for their ceremony and marriage and composing a ceremony just for them. He has often been described as having a calming influence and personal touch. Friendly, helpful, professional and prompt are words often used to say how couples feel about him. He is well respected and thought of in the wedding service community. “My focus is on conducting an excellent ceremony that perfectly reflects the wishes of the bride and groom”, he said in a recent interview. He takes great pride in conducting non-denominational wedding ceremonies. He loves marrying brides and grooms.

Reverend Nesbitt has delivered over 500 wedding ceremonies in the Greater Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Rebecca is his wife and assistant. They have two children and live in Citrus Heights, California.



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